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That’s our philosophy when it comes to software quality. Our independent software testing services help you score high on end user satisfaction by delivering defect free, quality IT solutions; each time, every time.
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We're Determined to help our new customers in reaching new heights with Web and Mobility Solution
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Business we operate in is like an intricate game of strategy and chess, where every move counts and you keep score with money.
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Software Testing

Rak Informatics india Pvt ltd' testing services is to ensure compliance to requirements and specifications, correctness and completeness of deliverables, monitor and control risk by uncovering errors and non-conformities for timely rectification, and most importantly, maintain software quality to customer satisfaction
Rak Informatics india Pvt ltd believes testing as an integral part of software development and must be integrated in all development phases and stages in accordance with the following guiding principles:

Control and improve the quality of software continuously

Prevent, detect and correct quality problems as early as possible

Integrate testing activities into software development lifecycle

Adapt the testing method based on the needs and nature of software

Communicate with all stakeholders timely and clearly


Reduced testing cycle time

Increase testing productivity with proper test plan and automation tools

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

You can focus on your core business by outsourcing testing activities

Extensive technology expertise

A dedicated pool of experienced testers are equipped with the latest tools to perform testing activities efficiently

Independent testing

Our independent standard testing methodology enables us to pledge quality without bias

Resolution of common challenges

We comply with requirements and specifications, correctness and completeness of deliverables

Continual improvement

Best practices and continual improvement methodologies are implemented for project measurement
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We have built the foundation of our company on the pillars of honesty, inte grity, and high-quality deliverables. Our highly talented bunch of employees always strive hard to raise our bar in ter ms of services provided to our clients with utmost dedication. We believe in the work hard, party harder principle
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Absolutely spot-on!
Thank you very much for creating a fantastic corporate website for us. I deeply appreciate your efforts and guidance, without which, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Joanna Prestley

Best decision ever
I was really convinced with the previous works they've done and hence I contacted them, eventhough I'm from Paris and they're in India. I strongly recommend Rakinfomatics to anyone who's looking for quality stuffs.

Bradley Smith

Saved my Business
Our engagement with Rakinfomatics started with a revamp of our company website, which had some very specific requirements pertaining to design and functionality.

Priscilla Jackson

All the right answers
Really appreciate the engagement manager allocated to me who has always listened to our requirements and acted accordingly.

Collin Leblanc

The right investment
Thorough professional in the true sense of the word, Rakinfomatics never fails to impress with their consulting approach and eager to listen attitude.

Lilah Chang

Best people for me!
We being a healthcare brand required to develop a strong connection with the audience which Rakinfomatics helped us in achieving by coming up with aesthetically appealing and functional UX designs backed by extensive audience research and keeping up with the latest trends.

Justin Emerson

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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R R Plaza, Level-2, D Block, Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad-500081
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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Copyright by Rakinformatics.com. All rights reserved.